Boston Dynamics is a leading developer of advanced dynamic robots, including BigDog, PETMAN, LS3, ATLAS, Cheetah, and others. We love to create innovative machines that combine advanced control systems, sophisticated mechanical designs, onboard control and sensing, and extraordinary behavior. We have a close-knit hard-working team of 80 engineers, scientists and technicians devoted to building the most advanced dynamic robots in the world. If you have excellent technical skills, like to get your hands dirty and want to join our team of robotics rock stars, send your resume to

Boston Dynamics is not currently offering internships. Please contact us when you are seeking full-time employment.

Electrical Engineer

Title: Electrical Engineer
Location of Job: Waltham, Massachusetts

For this position, you will be responsible for design, construction and troubleshooting of compact and reliable electrical systems in robotics. This includes electrical sub-system design, integration, pcb layout, and frequent hands-on work in lab building and debugging electrical systems. Tasks will range from working on small test systems to fully integrated robots in the field. A successful candidate must also demonstrate an ability to work in large teams and communicate effectively with other engineers.

Required Skills:

  • BSEE with 1-4 years of work experience
  • Excellent circuit analysis fundamentals
  • Electronics debug and failure analysis
  • Demonstrated experience using schematic capture and PCB layout software
  • Embedded sensing and electronics
  • Firmware development in C
  • Working understanding of command-line Linux or similar operating system
  • Ability to use lab equipment such as oscilloscopes, DMM’s, power supplies
  • Familiarity with a wide variety of electrical components and devices
  • Ability to solder SMT PCB components with satisfactory skill

Desired skills:

  • Demonstrated high level of motivation and interest in electronics and/or robotics
  • Experience designing power electronics from 100W to 10kW
  • Experience using or designing motors and/or motor drives
  • Experience designing wireless devices, antennas, or other RF applications
  • Working knowledge of Solidworks or other CAD experience
  • Experience with Python, LabView, or MATLAB
  • Experience in Verilog or VHDL

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Software Perception Engineer

Title: Software Perception Engineer
Location of Job: Waltham, Massachusetts

For this position, we are seeking a Robotics Engineer to join a small, fast moving team working to give our legged robots the ability to navigate through forests and across mountains. Combining state of the art sensors with unusually mobile robots, and working with perception experts from multiple organizations, our projects offer the opportunity to make autonomous systems work on high profile, outdoor robots.

The ideal candidate has experience participating in hands-on robotics research and expertise with motion planning and LIDAR/vision processing. He or she should be a MS, PhD, or highly-skilled BS, and should have a strong software engineering background, including knowledge of C++, python, object oriented design, and experience on a team delivering real systems. Examples of excellent practical experience include calibrating cameras, model building from point clouds, data fusion for localization, object tracking, and getting a robot from here to there in the real world.

Our engineers write lots of software, conduct sensor experiments, test robots on rough terrain in the rain and snow, communicate results to experts and laymen, operate with the team to pull off high-profile demos, and develop innovative solutions to new problems every day. We are easy going and hardworking and hope you will be, too. We are looking for experience in at least several of the following areas:

What we are looking for (required skills):

  • Experience with perception or motion planning on real-world robots
  • The ability to write good C++ code and use a debugger
  • Experience working within Linux
  • Knowledge of algorithms and data structures relevant to robotics

Desired skills (not required but would be nice):

  • Comfortable with debugging hardware systems
  • Experience with fielded systems
  • Real-time software and control systems
  • Python and graphics programming
  • An understanding of mechanics and dynamics

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Software Engineer / Robotics Engineer

Title: Software Engineer / Robotics Engineer
Location of Job: Waltham, Massachusetts

For this position we are seeking a hard working individual with experience developing, debugging and optimizing real-time software for implementing closed-loop feedback control on the world’s most advanced walking robots. We require a Bachelors or Masters degree in computer science or engineering and significant hands-on experience developing, testing, and debugging software for real-time sensing and control. Strong interpersonal, speaking and writing skills are required. We desire experience ranging from concept through build, test, debug, redesign, production and delivery.

We are looking for experience in several of the following areas:

  • C, C++ programming for real-time control and sensor processing
  • QNX or Linux in embedded real-time systems
  • CVS or Mercurial
  • Code control discipline
  • Digital signal processing
  • Device drivers for interfacing to control and sensing hardware
  • Networking and peripheral interfaces

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Electrical Technician

Title: Electrical Technician
Location of Job: Waltham, Massachusetts

We are looking for someone who can work as a key member of our multi-disciplinary team to design, build, test and deliver the most advanced legged robots inhabiting the Earth. In this job you will support all aspects of robot operation (both indoor and outdoor) and maintenance, whether it is debugging a sensor, chasing down a short circuit, or assembling and testing new electronics. You need to work well with others, have a healthy appetite for hard work and a good sense of humor.

Required Skills:

  • A strong work ethic and a willingness to learn in a small team based environment.
  • Experience using test equipment (multimeter, oscilloscope, signal generator)
  • Basic ability to document work including strong organizational skills
  • Attention to detail towards reliability and ruggedness
  • Ability to communicate with various vendors
  • Ability to complete tasks with minimal supervision
  • Practiced ability to assemble large electrical systems
  • Ability to solder SMT PCB components with satisfactory skill
  • Experience applying circuit analysis in a practical manner to real hardware

Desired Skills (not required but would be nice):

  • Formal training or education as an Electronics Technician
  • Minimum of 2 years professional experience working on electrical systems
  • Experience soldering using a microscope or reflow equipment
  • Familiarity with electrical building codes, building wiring and practices
  • Experience with one or more command-line operating systems such as Linux
  • Working knowledge of PCB layout software
  • Demonstrated high level of motivation and interest in electronics and/or robotics
  • Ability to install and configure operation systems
  • Working knowledge of Solidworks or other CAD experience
  • Experience drafting or creating formal drawings of electrical or mechanical assemblies
  • Practical experience in a machine shop, electronics manufacturing facility or other similar technical industrial setting is a plus

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Hardware Quality Assurance Inspector

Title: Hardware Quality Assurance Inspector
Location of Job: Waltham, Massachusetts

We are looking for a highly qualified Quality Inspector to help us develop the world’s most advanced dynamic robots. This person will fill a critical role on our manufacturing team working closely with engineers, machinists, and technicians ensuring that machine components satisfy design requirements before they are released for assembly. The successful candidate will have 5 or more years of experience in a quality control function for prototype and production quantity parts. We are looking for a person with a track record of success helping to build a culture of quality in a dynamic, high performance environment.

Duties Include:

  • Incoming, in-process, and final inspection of complex, high precision components
  • Creation and maintenance of quality documentation
  • Working with engineers and manufacturing personnel to improve overall part quality and design
  • Interacting with vendors to assure delivery of quality parts
  • Facilitating MRB process
  • Leading continual improvement initiatives


  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Highly computer literate. Familiarity with Solidworks, PC-DMIS or other CMM programming a plus
  • Skilled in standard metrology tools and techniques including, but not limited to:
    • -Tactile and non-contact CMM scanning
    • -Fixturing for inspection
    • -Micrometers, dial indicators, profilometers, air gages, optical comparators
  • Expertise in reading engineering drawings and schematics, including GD&T
  • Familiar with gauge calibration and certification procedures
  • Familiar with machining and other manufacturing processes

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Boston Dynamics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Google Inc. with the same generous compensation and benefits of our parent company,

Google is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and is an affirmative action employer.

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