Built for Innovation: Spot for Academia and Research
a close up of Spot's arm ratcheting out a circuit breaker
OPG: Automating Circuit Breaker Tripping and Racking
Spot prepares to grasp a stuffed animal
Meta: Advanced AI Research
Atlas, the humanoid robot, with grippers for manipulation
Picking Up Momentum
Atlas Gets a Grip
Inside the Lab: Taking Atlas from Sim to Scaffold
Atlas runs up stairs holding a tool bag
Sick Tricks and Tricky Grips
Spot ducks to move under a low cave ceiling
Your Guide to Spot in Academia & Research
Inside the Lab: How Does Atlas Work?
A mechanical engineer works on an Atlas robot.
Ask a Roboticist: Q&A with Josh
Spot posed in a robotics workshop
What to Do with a Legged Robot in Academia and Research
Spot flips a lever using its arm
What Makes an Effective Research Robot?
A visualization of Spot's perception as the robot climbs stairs
Unlock the Data that Matters Most
Atlas jogs while a spray of fluid is released behind it
Build It. Break It. Fix It.
Atlas runs over angled platforms
Flipping the Script with Atlas
Spot at the top of grated stairs
Spot User Group: Academia & Research
Leaps, Bounds, and Backflips
Spot holds a camera, looking at a row of dancing Spots with Atlas
In Step with Spot
Spot ducks to move under a low cave ceiling
NASA JPL: Search For Life
A line of Spot robots with arms extended
All Together Now
A computer with the Spot API open
Tech Talk: All About Spot’s API
Spot with Arm on a gray background
Tech Talk: Mobile Manipulation that Really Works
Developing A Payload, Part II
Developer Spotlight