Atlas® and beyond: the world's most dynamic robots

At Boston Dynamics, we’re always innovating—pushing the limits of the robotics field and tackling the next commercial frontier with Atlas.

Meet Atlas

The world’s most dynamic humanoid robot, our fully electric Atlas robot is designed for real-world applications. The next generation of the Atlas program builds on decades of research and furthers our commitment to delivering the most capable, useful mobile robots. An advanced control system and state-of-the-art hardware give the robot the power and balance to demonstrate advanced athletics and agility.


We use Atlas to explore the potential of the humanoid form factor, leveraging the robot’s whole body to move with grace, speed, and dexterity. Atlas demonstrates our efforts to develop the next generation of robots with the mobility, perception, and intelligence needed to be commonplace in our lives.

Athletic Intelligence

Connections between perception and control allow Atlas to adapt—quite literally—on the fly.

Dynamic Manipulation

Using both hands and its full range of motion, Atlas can interact with the world in meaningful ways.

Real-Time Perception

Atlas sees its surroundings with depth sensors to generate point clouds of the environment.

Model-Predictive Control

Atlas uses models of the robot’s dynamics to predict how its motion will evolve over time and adjust accordingly.

Innovation and R&D

R&D is never boring at Boston Dynamics. We expand our robots’ mobility, dexterity, perception, and intelligence in leaps and bounds—with the aim to make robots useful in our everyday lives. Discover how our legacy of innovation informs our real-world solutions.

technician-works-on-atlas (1)

We’re engineering a better robot

Every centimeter of Atlas is meticulously designed, manufactured, and calibrated to bring out the best performance possible.

High Power

A custom battery and one of the world’s most compact hydraulic systems enable high power for Atlas to deliver impressive feats of mobility.

Actuation Hydraulic
Joints 28

Atlas’ advanced control algorithms enable the robot to plan complex whole body movements while accounting for the environment.

Speed 2.5 m/s

Atlas uses a mixture of titanium and aluminum 3D printed parts to give it the strength-to-weight ratio necessary for leaps and somersaults.

Height 1.5 m
Weight 89 kg
atlas-runs-balance-beam (1)
atlas-throws-while-jumping (1)

Inside our Robotics Lab

Our robots aren’t designed overnight—our R&D team have spent countless hours testing and iterating on new builds or ideas. Get to know the team behind the machine.

Help us create robots that expand human potential.

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