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WEBINAR: From Deployment to Insights - Automating Inspection with Spot

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Your teammate, your tool. Meet Spot.

Our agile, mobile robot will redefine your day-to-day. It works anywhere you work, gathering data, keeping people out of harm’s way, and exploring without boundaries.

Spot, a yellow quadruped robot, equipped with an IR camera payload
Stretch in a trailer with several cases on a conveyor belt

The Future of Warehouse Automation

Use Stretch to streamline case handling and trailer unloading operations. Easy to deploy and flexible, Stretch keeps your operations moving.

Solutions for the real world

Give your team the tools to make work better: find solutions to keep your operations productive and keep your people safe.




Site Management


Warehouse Automation


Safety & Response


Research & Development


See how our robots are being put to work in your industry.

From Deployment to Insights: Automating Inspection with Spot

Nearly 2,000 Spot® robots have been deployed at customer sites around the world. Realizing ROI in less than 2 years, customer’s are seeing the benefits of automating the mundane tasks they never thought possible with mobile robots. Join the webinar to learn the secrets to solving the data gap.

Redefining robotics: Atlas & innovation

With innovation at our core, we’re pushing the limits of mobility, dexterity, and intelligence with our next generation robots. Step into our lab and explore our state-of-the-art hardware and advanced control systems with Atlas.

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