Ensure reliable manufacturing operations and increase uptime with dynamic digital twins and autonomous inspections. 

WHITE PAPER: Deploying Quadruped Robots in Automotive Manufacturing

Accelerate digital transformation

Increase productivity and plant reliability by knowing more about your facility. Spot collects and centralizes frequent, structured, repeatable data as often as needed to detect anomalies, prevent shutdowns, and turn insights into action.

Turn data into impact with Spot

Spot unlocks digital transformation in manufacturing by connecting the dots between individual assets and factory operations as a whole.

Data-driven manufacturing operations

Increase your uptime with a digital twin of your facility. Spot helps maintenance teams stay ahead on corrective action by collecting more data about your critical assets. Spot enables more productive operations, while keeping employees safer and freeing them up for value-added work.

Employees viewing historic thermal images in Scout on a computer
Asset Management: Automate data collection

Conduct autonomous rounds and readings to monitor asset condition and power predictive maintenance. Spot makes it easy to detect warning signs like hot spots or leaks, integrating directly with your existing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution.

Operator viewing acoustic data from Scout on a computer monitor
Dynamic Sensing: Increase data versatility and frequency

Unlike inspections using fixed or manual sensors, Spot can capture multiple data types in a single inspection route—bring the sensors to your assets to meet your plant’s specific needs. Equip Spot with a suite of sensors to perform visual, thermal, and acoustic inspections from a single robot.


Spot climbs stairs in a manufacturing facility
Facility Management: Get a single view into factory-wide data and trends

Centralize all your facility data in Orbit to understand the full picture of your site and equipment health. Author and modify autonomous missions, monitor Spot's progress, and analyze inspection data in the context of your site blueprint to enable facility management and maintenance.


A plant manager reviews data on a plant blueprint
Real-Time Access & Collaboration: Review site data from anywhere

Follow along with Spots missions in remote or unmanned facilities and hazardous or inaccessible areas of your factory. Allow experts to review site data from anywhere, in order to detect issues sooner. Spot is your eyes and ears on the ground in a crisis to safely assess suspected hazards from a distance, so you can respond with all the information needed to minimize downtime.

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Spot for Manufacturing


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"We do thermal inspections on non-critical equipment and also doing acoustic air leak, compressed air leak detection in missions...we have thirty plus missions that we’re using Spot for right now between thermal and acoustic."

Roger Brecht

Vice President of Digital Manufacturing, Nestlé Purina

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“We have a ton of peripheral equipment that is extremely important to keeping the fab running. And so from that perspective, being able to get more data about that equipment and how it's performing is really important to our team.”

Samantha Garrison

Deputy Director Factory Automation, GF

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