Accelerate your digital transformation with agile mobile robots.

Spot helps increase your uptime by enabling your team to collect high quality data more frequently and efficiently with automated robotic inspection. Get everything you need to add value to your enterprise asset management program.

Kit Includes


Automate the dull, dirty, and dangerous inspection tasks in your facility


Manage your Spot fleet and analyze data in the context of your facility map


Turn Spot into a powerful inspection tool with purpose-built cameras

SV600 Acoustic Imager

Detect, locate, and visualize air and gas leaks (optional)

Spot EAP 2

Enhance the autonomy, computation, and communications available on the Spot platform

Spot Dock

Enable self-charging to support autonomous remote inspections

Spot Care

One year of premium service and support to keep your robot up and running at peak performance

Inspection Examples

Enterprise Asset Management at Work

Spot is a powerful tool to improve asset reliability and eliminate surprises. See how Spot is being put to work in your sector.




Energy & Natural Resources

Reliable inspections from day one

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