Nuclear Decommissioning

Minimize worker dose and support decommissioning efforts with Spot

Improve ROI, Reduce Dose, Gather Data.

The most active manipulation robot in decommissioning, Spot is being used at some of the most well-known cleanup sites in the world. Its agility and ease of use have allowed nuclear decommissioning companies to increase productivity without risking exposure.

Spot Arm opening a door in an industrial facility

Spot goes where you can’t

Spot can go where people can—and where they cannot. Highly maneuverable, Spot can navigate stairs, pick up objects, and turn valves, all while operators remain at a distance. 

Inspecting and Mapping

Deploy Spot to survey and check radiation levels, as well as analyze and plan nuclear material handling missions.


Clear radioactive debris and move equipment and cables. Spot can place communication relays and lights to see otherwise inaccessible areas.

Dismantling and Equipment Disposal

Spot can be used to dismantle equipment: grasp, lift, place, carry and drag objects using Spot Arm.

Spot near machinery in a nuclear power plant
Spot inspecting an old industrial site

Radiation Resiliency

Limiting exposure to radiation is a top priority in the nuclear industry, but how much exposure can Spot take? 

413 rem

LANL Testing

Spot was exposed to 82 years worth of the annual worker dose with no failure. 


Per rem averted

Some organizations have found hundreds of thousands of dollars in value of dose averted from even a single routine 30 minute inspection mission.


Payload Capacity

Spot offers the flexibility to perform a range of inspection and waste management tasks.

"A robot with excellent mobility—one that can move freely inside the building and is easy to communicate with—was required for this project. Spot was exactly what we needed."

Koji Watanabe

Deputy Manager of 2nd Mechanical Equipment Group, TPT

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“Ultimately, with the information that we gather from using something like Spot, it makes us plan the work better so we can do the decommissioning activities more effectively and efficiently.”

Glenn McCracken

Remediation Value Stream Lead, Sellafield Ltd

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“Any time you’re in a radiation area, and you don’t have to send in a person, it benefits the long-term health of employees. That’s a tremendous help.”

Marc Fischer

Health Physics Technician, Dominion Energy

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