Energy & Natural Resources

Increase your site’s productivity and avoid unnecessary downtime: Spot keeps your operations powered and your team safe.

Whitepaper: Your Guide to Automating Industrial Inspections

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Power reliable operations

Capture site data remotely, provide visibility in hazardous environments, build digital twins, and improve operational efficiency and safety.

Digital transformation in the toughest conditions

Conduct autonomous rounds and readings, perform remote inspections, and create digital twins. Spot simplifies asset condition monitoring and enables you to deliver value through data. 

Spot unlocks the data you need for safe, effective operations anywhere in the world.

Underground, off-shore, electrified—Spot can reliably handle the extremes of the energy and natural resources sector. Automate sensing, inspection, and data analysis to ensure operational resiliency, get visibility in remote facilities, and keep team members out of harm’s way.

Spot working outdoors on rocky terrain at an oil and gas facility
Power & Utilities: Predictive maintenance inspections

Reduce downtime and maintain inspection standards with an automated robotics solution. Equipping Spot with the right payload enables the robot to perform thermal inspections, monitoring pumps, motors, and electrical connection points for overheating. Similarly, Spot can read gauges to determine the condition of analog systems, streamlining a task that would otherwise be time-consuming and tedious.

Spot working on an electrical substation for National Grid
Nuclear Power Generation: Reduce dose and safely perform inspections.

Because Spot operates reliably in high radiation, the robot makes an ideal candidate for routine asset inspections and tasks like radiation sensing and mapping. Measuring radiation levels with robots helps crews avoid unnecessary dose in a facility.

Spot equipped with multiple payloads performing work in a nuclear power plant
Oil & Gas: Monitor equipment for safe, reliable operation

Spot helps identify air and gas leaks, as well as other signs of equipment needing maintenance like temperature anomalies. Equipped with acoustic imagers, gas sensors, thermal cameras, and more, Spot can identify potential hazards, identify equipment with degraded performance, and help ensure compliance for safer, more reliable operations.

Spot navigating a refinery in daylight
Mining: Detect hazards early and perform routine inspections

Spot’s inspection and laser scanning capabilities provide up-to-date information on your mine’s conditions without endangering workers. Create digital twins of worksites, inspect equipment, and gather data remotely. Catching issues before they escalate reduces the burden and cost of critical maintenance tasks, and keeps your team safe and your operation moving.

Spot with payloads in a dimly lit mine tunnel

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“Nearly all of the projects that we do today rely on some data from Spot. The robot is providing safety benefits. Spot is a part of our team now.”

Dean Berlin

Lead Engineer, National Grid

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“We were able to collect and interpret images as well as integrate the data with our asset management platform. That’s huge for us.”

Forrest Waldo

Team Leader for Generation Support, Southern Company

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"Every 12 hours, we follow the same path through the plant, and we’re assessing situational awareness... Spot is going to capture things we may not notice or that we’re not always around to see."

Christopher Phillips

Production Technician, Woodside

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