In 2022, customers around the globe put Spot to work. With more than 1000 robots operating in 35 countries, this was Spot’s biggest year yet. With your help, Spot walked further, captured more data, and opened both literal and metaphorical doors to safer and more efficient operations.

We took a look at our data to see how Spot helped your team do more in 2022.

By the Numbers

Over the course of the year, Spot walked more than 9,000 miles (14,500 km), the equivalent of walking from our headquarters in Boston to the South Pole.

You recorded thousands of missions covering roughly 340 miles (545 km) for Spot to autonomously navigate and collect data. Spot inspected over 130,000 industrial assets in factories, power generation facilities, construction sites, and more.

Driving Spot manually, you used Spot’s arm to pick up 10,000 objects and open over 7,000 doors.

In the Field

What is the impact of all those miles, missions, and manipulation tasks? Here’s how some of our customers were able to automate difficult tasks and keep their teams out of harm’s way with Spot’s help last year.

Avoid Downtime

GlobalFoundries (GF), a global semiconductor manufacturer, turned to Spot to further automate their data collection for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. This year, Spot collected information about the thermal condition and analog gauge readings of pumps, motors, compressed gas systems, and more so the GF team can build models that better predict planned maintenance and downtime.

Improve Efficiency

Researchers at Myers-Lawson School of Construction at Virginia Tech partnered with Procon Consulting to bring Spot to three of the university’s construction projects. The research team explored how robots can improve the efficiency of construction progress monitoring, performing regular data collection so that site supervisors can focus on more strategic jobs.

Keep People Safe

At Dominion Energy, Spot was put to work to reduce health and safety risks for workers. In 2022, Dominion piloted Spot to automate routine inspections and respond to potential safety hazards. They were able to automate data collection for site radiation surveys and reduce exposure for workers.

In 2022, Spot was a valuable teammate and a powerful tool for you to accomplish even more. How will Spot move you forward in 2023?