Across a range of industries—from manufacturing, to healthcare, to the public sector—increased digitalization has resulted in increased digital risk. In asset-intensive industries, Industry 4.0 is driven by the integration of information technology and operational technology; this collaboration between IT and OT enables new efficiencies, but also requires new cybersecurity best practices. Implementing and deploying robots in enterprise environments is no exception. Security is of key importance.

We are committed to taking cybersecurity as seriously as our customers do. We believe our platforms meet high security standards and are appropriate for applications and environments demanding high security.

Enabling Your Security Best Practices

We recognize that you are the best stewards of your own security—you know your system, your IT infrastructure, and your unique risks better than anyone else. A core tenet of our approach to security is empowering you.

Spot is designed to be integrated into your IT infrastructure. One of our responsibilities in delivering a product is to equip your IT staff with the knowledge needed to integrate Spot into your overall IT security posture.

We know that your IT teams need to understand how our platforms are secured, so we created documentation to help you throughout the process. During implementation of Spot’s management features, one of our top priorities was to place you, the customer, in control. Our robots work both with and without Internet connectivity.

Creating Secure Products

In general, security for mobile robots combines security approaches common to embedded systems, network services, physical units, and robotics. Our broad security objects when designing our products are to:

  • Prevent unauthorized operation or disruption of a robot or system
  • Prevent unauthorized access to data stored on the device
  • Minimize cybersecurity risk to customer’s operations and technology assets

Our products’ security is the result of our execution of processes throughout the product and feature lifecycle: conception → implementation → release → support → retirement. We also recently launched a Vulnerability Disclosure Program to further enable identification and remediation.

Our Product Security team includes systems and software engineers on all projects along with a dedicated Product Security lead. We make security a priority at every step to strive for industry-leading robot security.

Securing the Future

It’s exciting and challenging to secure some of the first mobile robots being fielded in enterprise applications. We are excited to be your partners in this goal.

Security is a journey. We are committed to providing you with more mechanisms to integrate Spot more securely into your networks. As threats, technology, and best practices evolve, we will continue to support you in meeting these evolving requirements.

Thank you for working with Boston Dynamics. You can find additional information to enable your robot security initiatives in our Spot and Site Hub Security technical whitepaper.