Spot Privacy Notice

Boston Dynamics takes the protection of your data and the security of our Spot robots (Spot) seriously. Sensing the environment, making decisions on complex data, and transacting data over network links are fundamental to the effective functioning of advanced robots. Spot was built from the ground up to keep such data secure. We believe that our commitment to your security and privacy should be a key reason for selecting Boston Dynamics and Spot as a partner in your robotics applications.


Spot is a new product that is in rapid development to improve its performance. In order for us to find, understand, and fix issues, the robot collects certain performance data which may be transmitted to Boston Dynamics from time-to-time as either Service Logs or Performance Logs.

Performance Data

Service Logs

We use Service Logs received from you to conduct technical analysis and diagnose issues on Spot. Service Logs contain raw sensor data and details on how Spot interprets this data for the period captured by the log data. Service Logs will contain images captured by Spot’s onboard cameras unless “Log Images” is disabled in the robot’s Admin Console at the time the data was collected. Images are required for diagnosing Spot’s perception-related issues, which may include loss of localization, collision with objects, and falls.


Because Service Logs contain details of Spot’s internal systems, they are encrypted and may only be accessed by Boston Dynamics. You control what Service Logs are shared with Boston Dynamics by either opting to send them automatically whenever your robot is connected to the Internet, or manually when requested by Boston Dynamics. Only send image data that you’re comfortable being viewed by Boston Dynamics engineers.

Performance Logs

Performance Logs are automatically created by the robot, and used by our product management and engineering teams to help measure the quality of your user experience, and better target our product improvement efforts.


Performance Logs are transmitted to us whenever your robot or tablet is connected to the Internet, and may contain the following data:

  • Your robot’s serial number.
  • Information about usage such as how long the robot has been operated, how far it has walked, how many times it has fallen, or how often a particular API was used.
  • Key events such as powering on or detecting a fault.
  • Safety-related events such as collisions or falls.
  • Tablet application usage.
  • Orbit application usage.
  • High-level information about maps you collect, such as how many waypoints, how they connect, or how well Spot understands where it is.
  • Details about communications loss events.

Sending Performance Logs to Boston Dynamics is required for Spot Explorer robots, but can be disabled on Enterprise robots.


Images, audio, and detailed point cloud data are excluded from automatically transmitted Performance Logs. Your express action is required to transmit these data types.

Orbit Data

Our Orbit Application allows you to upload your Orbit Data to the cloud. This may include data such as:

  • Inspection data collected by robots such as images, videos, and associated metadata.
  • Inspection mission data, such as facility information and site maps.
  • Robot operating history.
  • Information about robots connected to Orbit, such as nicknames and IP address.
  • Information related to users such as usernames, user roles and user permissions.
  • Data integrated into Orbit from third party systems, such as third party sensors or weather apps to support autonomous mission authoring.

You maintain full control of the data you upload to Orbit. Access to your data is limited to only those persons to whom you grant access. We do not access or use your data for any purpose without your agreement. We never use your data or derive information from it for marketing or advertising purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Spot and Orbit secure the data it works with?

Please see our Spot Security document and our Orbit Security document.


Where is Orbit data stored?

Your Orbit data will be stored in the region you request at purchase.


Who will have access to my data?

Access to your data will be limited to Boston Dynamics customer support staff and certain individuals working on improving the applicable product.


Under what circumstances is Spot data transmitted to Boston Dynamics?

Service Logs: Either:

  • if preauthorized by you, regularly and automatically, whenever the robot is connected to the Internet; or
  • when explicitly sent by you as part of a service request.

Performance Logs: Regularly and automatically, whenever the robot or the tablet is connected to the Internet.

Does Boston Dynamics retain my data?

Service Logs: If no longer needed to address your service request or support performance improvements, service logs are deleted six months after the upload date to Boston Dynamics, whether uploaded automatically or manually.

Performance Logs: This data is retained for as long as it is necessary to support Spot performance improvements.

Orbit Data: This data is retained for as long as the applicable Orbit customer account remains active, and deleted within 10 days after deactivation of the account.


Does Spot require Internet access?

No. To facilitate transmission of diagnostic data we do require you to periodically connect your tablet to the robot, which automatically transfers the data from the robot, and then connect that tablet to the Internet.


Can I inspect the data Spot sends?

Service Logs: No. Because this data contains details of Spot’s internal systems, it remains encrypted until examined by technicians at Boston Dynamics.


Performance Logs: Yes. Performance Logs may be accessed through Spot’s API by the robot’s owner. Please see our documentation at for information on how to access Performance Logs. Performance Logs relating to the tablet app may be retrieved directly from the device’s internal storage.


Last Updated on February 13, 2024.