A Central High School guide for teaching robotics at the secondary level

With robots becoming increasingly prevalent in both professional and everyday settings, it is imperative to prepare students for success in the field of robotics. By integrating Spot® into your educational initiatives, you have the opportunity to not only inspire and captivate students, but equip them with the essential skills needed to thrive in a modern workforce.

Spot has been an important member of Central High School Magnet Career Academy in Louisville, Kentucky, since 2021. Together with Boston Dynamics, Central High developed the “Spot® Robot Curriculum,” providing a guide for other schools that may be interested in using Spot in an academic setting. This innovative reference guides educators through how to get started with Spot in the classroom, and includes lesson plans for hands-on, experiential learning.

The Spot Robot Curriculum provides resources for:

  • Developing a use case for robotics in the classroom
  • Sources of funding to help your school acquire a Spot robot
  • Introducing students to Spot and putting safety protocols in place
  • Lesson plans and engaging projects to help students learn the technical skills to operate and program robots

Suggested Citation: Gilbert, J., Brown, C., Canaday, S., Compton, T., & Bringhurst, R. (2023). Spot® Robot Curriculum: A Central High School guide for teaching robotics at the secondary level. Retrieved from Boston Dynamics website: https://bostondynamics.com/whitepaper/spot-robot-curriculum/