Boston Dynamics has undergone a transformation over the years, evolving from a research and development-focused startup into an ever growing commercialized company, productizing robots for the world to enjoy. But this rapid expansion didn’t come without its fair share of challenges, especially when it came to bringing in new skill sets and creating a multifaceted workforce. As we continue to extend its reach to the world, campus recruiting programs have been a powerful initiative to bring in new perspectives and break the assumption that Boston Dynamics is an “unattainable” workplace for students. 

In the summer of 2022, we launched its first comprehensive internship program led by the People Operations team. This program was designed to bridge the gap between the academic world and real-world industry by providing a unique opportunity for students. Our mission was to create a holistic experience blending real, meaningful work assignments, engaging activities, and ample career development opportunities to be successful post-graduation.

The People Operations team designed a series of activities that fostered camaraderie, learning, and fun among the interns. From social networking events to “lunch and learn” sessions with top executives, our team created an environment where personal growth went hand in hand with professional development. Our team incorporated project charters, acting as guides to ensure that every project had a clear beginning, middle, and end, eliminating the trend of aimless, tactical work that often plagues internships.

Nurturing Early Careers

The results spoke volumes—an impressive 86 percent of eligible interns chose to continue their journey with the company as full-time employees. This momentum has sparked an increase in earlier career initiatives at Boston Dynamics. We introduced additional internship positions and inaugurated co-op and rotational programs, solidifying its commitment to nurturing talent from its roots. 

As we continue our journey of growth and innovation, campus recruiting remains a building block to success. In a recent survey by Business Insider, Boston Dynamics was said to be one of the top 20 employers current engineering students most want to work for! This recognition validated our work to build programs around campus recruiting to feed talent pipelines and cultivate a more vibrant workforce. Through these initiatives, we continue to champion that Boston Dynamics is not in fact an “unattainable” dream but a great place to work!

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