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Deploy our mobile, versatile Stretch platform in your warehouse to efficiently unload cases.

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Elevate case handling

Stretch offers predictability for warehouse operations, working continuously and keeping the flow of goods moving. With the ability to move hundreds of cases an hour, Stretch ensures that daily goals are met even as order fulfillment demands soar.

Mobility and manipulation for unloading

Mobile case handling with Stretch is unlocking new opportunities to automate dull, dirty, and dangerous warehousing tasks, freeing your team up to do more.

Warehouse gantry min
Warehouse gantry min

Automation without infrastructure

Bring your warehouse into the future without upending your entire business. Stretch is specifically designed to handle cases with efficiency and speed. With a straightforward installation and setup process, our robot can easily supplement your labor resources to keep the flow of goods moving.

Fast to Deploy

Stretch is ready to implement and is up and running in just days from delivery, working within existing warehouse infrastructure. Since the robot makes all decisions in real time, no pre-programming is required before putting Stretch to work.


Stretch picks a box that has fallen on the floor
Works Continuously

Long battery life powers Stretch through single or multiple shifts any time of day or night. Its computer vision system allows Stretch to detect and automatically retrieve any boxes that shift and fall while unloading, so Stretch can keep going without operator intervention.


Stretch can handle a wide range of package types and sizes, from standard brown to highly graphical, up to 50 pounds. The robot can handle typical container conditions, working its way through neat or messy box configurations alike.


Streamline inbound operations

For unloading trailers and containers, let Stretch do the heavy lifting.

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“There's less falls, less drops, and it also allows us consistency… We know that because of Stretch, we have that consistent unload throughput rate and it allows us to get those units into our operation as quickly as possible.”

Collin Jacobs

Engineer, DHL Supply Chain

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"With Stretch, we will enhance the movement of freight through our facilities while providing a safer environment for our employees."

Sid Brown


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