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Spot in an interior hallway at Chevron refinery
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Spot inspecting an electrical power plant for Wien Energie
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Boston Dynamics' agile mobile robot Spot inside Köhlbrand Bridge. Using AR glasses, the employee sees spots marked on the bridge’s digital twin. (image source: HPA / Florian Steffens)
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Spot equipped with a blue safety light, thermal camera, and acoustic imager
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Spot robot with PTZ camera payload
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Spot in Purina branding with a thermal camera and acoustic imager
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Spot with the SV600 acoustic imager with an acoustic anomaly labeled in the background
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Spot automates gauge reading at an electrical utility
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A 3D visualization of a construction site, with red dots showing Spot's route.
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Spot stands on railway tracks
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Spot with a thermal camera, PTZ camera, and gas sensor
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