Spot with inspection payloads in a decommissioned nuclear facility
How to Gather Better Data and Reduce Dosage in Nuclear Facilities
Spot with camera, radio, and radiation sensing payloads
Panel Discussion: Spot in Nuclear Environments
Spot with camera, radio, and radiation sensing payloads
Data Collection & Sensing in Nuclear Environments
Spot on a construction site
Automated Construction Site Documentation
Construction workers performing work on a site with Spot nearby
Spot On Site
Spot takes a picture of an analog gauge
How Mobile Robots Improve Industrial Safety
Two Spots on charging docks
3 Ways Mobile Robots Improve Industrial Inspections
Automating Inspections with Agile Mobile Robots
Spot in a mine with a custom inspection payload
Kidd Creek Mine
two operators on a construction site drive spot from a cell phone
Spot on a Brasfield & Gorrie worksite
Brasfield & Gorrie
Spot walks through a construction site
Foster + Partners
Game Changing Automation
A 3D floor plan of a worksite
Yellow quadrupedal robot with National Grid logo walking around a power plant
National Grid
Spot with Spot CAM+ at a gas processing plant
Spot on a walkway in an oil rig
A blue line diagram of Spot
Unlocking Jobsite Data with Spot